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Welcome to ericwesselman.com

Thanks for dropping by. I'm the President and Chief Executive Officer at ericwesselman.com. When I'm not chastizing Eric for his incompetence and lousy work ethic, I'm busy chasing tennis balls or twiddling my paws while waiting for him to get home from school The dope actually thinks he's going to be an electrical engineer someday. (He already has a degree in physics, but that's not good enough for him.)

When Eric's not in school, I'm navigating for the canoe, out running loose through the forest chasing quail, or waiting for Eric to get done shooting a match. I'm trying to figure out a way for my owner to take me downhill skiing next year. Do you think anyone will believe I'm a Search and Rescue dog? If I have a barrel of brandy on my collar, will anyone even care?

I'm after Eric to get some other ideas developed so that we can flesh out the product line. Coming by early summer should be the Pact IV volume control knob mod (that speaker used to kill my ears when he was dryfiring!), and the Dillon RF100 auto primer filler timer adjustment, (which will stop that incessant rattling sooner). After that, we'll be working on a brass and bullet feeding bin that will really improve the productivity of Dillon RL500 and Square Deal owners.

We might even come up with some products for dogs! We've got some inexpensive cedar oil that helps as an alternative to nasty-smelling flea treatments that we might bring out.



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