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March 31, 2008

Back in the groove...G21SF Released!

TruGrip for the G21SF frame with the ambidextrous magazine release is ready to ship and can be purchased in the store.

Orders are now shipping normally. It is nearly April. It is 26 degrees, snowing to beat the band, and here I am ... on the internet instead of shooting. I have solid inventory levels on most items. I'm hoping that I can keep up as Global Warming (aka Summer) arrives.

You can also find TruGrip at any of SIX! - count 'em SIX stocking dealers now. Phone orders can be placed with Dawson, MLE, CPWSA, and Manny Bragg. I'm working a day job now, so it's virtually impossible for me to take a phone order during normal business hours. (8-5 Pacific Time). If you're with an LE agency, from Big Government(TM), or military and have an order that a dealer doesn't have the inventory to fill, don't hesitate to call, however.







Take care & have a great spring!




May 17, 2006

Subcompact Glock (G26 - G27) Grips Are Ready!!!

It took me a while, but I finally came up with a solution that I'm happy with. The G26/27 grip is a three-piece grip system that gives the same 360 degree coverage as TruGrip for the larger Glocks.

Grip tape for the subcompact Glock really is a revolution. It puts the G26/27 on a performance par with it's elder brothers. I did some testing on a Bianchi plate rack with the G17, G19, and G26, and - with grip tape - the 26 will hold it's own quite nicely out about 15 to 18 yards. After that, the longer sight radius becomes an advantage. But that's still slightly incredible for a gun of its size. Full-size auto performance in package slightly smaller than a snub-nose revolver doesn't come around that often. And you won't be cleaning too many plate racks with that five shot snub! ;-)

<click here for more info and to order>

February 21, 2006

Sig Grips Here!!!

Sig P229 grips are here, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! The Sig P226 grips are in house at this very moment (Feb. 22, 02:16:06 GMT) and will ship tomorrow. I think you'll be impressed. The Sig grips are geometrically the most complicated design yet. And the most expensive. The production cost of the Sig Grips is nearly double that of anything else I make. But, they *are* beautiful.

<click here for more info and to order>

Travelblogue is Alive Once again!!!

I finally have a solution that I can live with. Hopefully, the way I'm setting up the blog will have a little longevity this time and I can keep up with it. The old blogging software I was using became defunct somewhere during one of the 1.29 bazillion Windows automatic involuntary downgrades....er....upgrades.

It was a bummer deal if there ever was one, because lots of people seemed to enjoy reading/seeing the Travelblogue as much as I enjoyed keeping it up.

I've got LOTS of great new stuff in the new, improved, updated Travelblogue. :-)

December 10, 2005

New Product: Bombroof Grip Glue

Unitize Your TruGrips!

We have had virtually no QC issues with TruGrip - aside from my occasional inablility to count to 3 or 5 (that's right, not one, but two college educations shot to hell). But leave it to Law Enforcement to work a product to the limit. One of the issues users - primarily Law Enforcement - have had with TruGrip is separation of the interface between the front and back pieces. Typically, the bottom, rear corner of the front grip gets caught on something - like a seatbelt, or doorframe (or some drunken jerk's Cadillac Escalade) and peels back a bit. Once again, the best solution isn't my idea. A trainer at the FBI Academy figured this one out, so we'll give him proper credit. Then I'll forget all about it and tell everyone that I figured this out all by myself. ;-)

What this new "miracle" product is, is a "super glue" type adhesive that has been toughened with black rubber. Putting a few short beads along the interface where the front and back straps meet, then "setting" them with the instant-cure spray links the front and back pieces together and results in an absolutely bombproof installation. <click to read eric drone on...>

Old, New News....

New Dealers:

We are pleased to announce that we have three new dealers of TruGrip:




As always, Zuzu strongly encourages you to support your dealer. Every single dealer of TruGrip is top notch. Please order with confidence.

New Grip Projects:

We have had a ton of requests for new models. Well, we're actually going to follow through with the requests this summer. On deck projects include: The Glock 26/27, S&W 99, Sig Pro, HK USP, CZ-75/85.

We are Famous (well...kind of...)

Shooting USA has been featuring TruGrip on their Sighting In program. And let me tell ya, the response has been absolutely tremendous. For a few weeks we were selling out as fast as we could manufacture product. But fear not, we are now back up to speed and handling the biz as fast as those Scoutten rascals can send it to us.

Look for ShootingUSA and Sighting In on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN). Jim and John Scoutten are the undisputed champions of firearms-focused programming and die-hard supporters of USPSA, and IDPA, as well as Olympic shooting, and blackpowder, and...well...just watch the show, OK?

New Friends.

TruGrip can now be found at Ron Avery's Practical Shooting Academy, based in Olathe, Colorado. Students who will be attending PSA in the upcoming season will be able to put TruGrip through its paces on their own gun or one out of Ron's stable. We're going to try and keep Ron stocked up with samples for his many students.

Check out PSA's 2005 schedule: here

Zuzu would like to welcome Chris Patty's Winning Shooting Accessories as our newest dealer.

If you happen to be near Lubbock, TX - TruGrip can also be had at Texas Tactical Arms. (806) 780-2715.

Sponsorship News:

Zuzu and I are ecstatically happy to announce that we are sponsoring USPSA Grandmaster, Steve Anderson. In one year Steve, rocketed from an A-class shooter to being able to run with the big dogs. Amazingly, he didn't shoot vast quantities of ammo to accomplish this feat either. (The secret: dryfire.) You can leverage Steve's talent and wisdom into your shooting by getting a copy of his book, "Refinement and Repetition" which details his highly-disciplined dry fire (as well as live-fire) regimen at:


It is the highest compliment and honor to us that a talent like Steve has chosen to use and endorse the TruGrip product.