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TruGrip for the Glock
G21SF Grip
Select Frame Size


G21SF (ambi)
    Pack of 3 grips -
$29.99 + ship
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Note: G21SF grips fit ambi-mag-release frames. For standard mag release G21SF, order the G20-21 grip.

LE Agency? - Military/Govt?
Contact me for pricing/shipping

(International orders now handled via webstore, just click and order!)

  The Lowdown
The Best Idea I Never Had
  • Precise Fit - Each Grip is CNC cut

  • Conformal - Stretches to fit around compound curves for a glove-tight fit.

  • Two-piece grip for 360 degrees of coverage.

  • Non-permanent and inexpensive to replace (There's no need to become emotionally attached to your grip tape)

  • Models to fit most, common Glock pistols. Currently available models shown on the right.

  • Just the right grit - sticky enough to give traction but smooth enough to allow you to shift your grip

  • Well-suited for Competition use, Law Enforcement duty use, or Military.

  • Rapid installation and changeout -
    Put a fresh grip on your Glock in a few minutes.

  • Fire control group takedown pin is left exposed. No need to remove grips to detail-strip the receiver. (Thanks Nik Habicht!)

  • Skin friendy - unlike coarser tapes

  • No need to sand the texture off your grip to get the tape to adhere

  • Does not disintegrate like cheap "skateboard" tape

  • Our Guarantee: If you're not happy, we're not happy.

I just knew it.

If I left out the Glock owners, I was gonna get pummeled for it. At least people were polite during the pummeling. As in, "Eric, please sit still while I dope slap the daylights out of you."

Frankly, I can't even take credit for the idea. I never thought it would work. Fortunately, people were persistent and beat sense into me until I found a way to make it work. About 3.14 gazillion prototypes later, we have a grip for the Glock that covers the grip 360 degrees and actually lays flat. I'm really proud of the result. It's a totally unique approach to the problem.

The paradigm for the Glock grip is maximal practical coverage. Because you probably enjoy having skin, no tape covers the grip where the web of your hand meets the gun. Everything else is covered

The Glock grip will take you about 5 minutes to install - most of which is spent cleaning the grip to accept the tape. I promise that this is way faster and better than cutting grips out yourself.