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  TruGrip for STI / SV    

  The Price of Traction    
  Fits STI / SV
Pack of 5 grips - $29.99 + ship
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  The Big Idea    
  The Lowdown    

I, like a lot of folks, really like grip tape on my competition gun. But getting the stuff to fit securely and completely is a royal pain. After a knockdown-dragout session of fitting my gun with tape the first time, I decided that surely there must be a better way.

Now you can have the traction qualities of a "Scott" type-grip in about two minutes for five bucks - rather than spending 45 minutes cutting out "paper dolls," seeing if they fit, not being happy, starting over......anyway, you get the drill. (I don't know about you, I'd rather be shooting.)

TruGrip is designed to be easily replaceable. So, if your grip tape loses traction, gets dirty, or gets covered in oil, just rip it off and slap on a new piece and you're ready to roll.

For the hard-core shooter who is handling his or her gun several hours a day, the tape will probably last on the order of weeks to a couple months. For the casual shooter, it'll go a lot longer than that. The grit doesn't seem to wear off . When it loses traction, it is because it is loaded up with dirt and oil. You can probably clean it up some with alcohol and a toothbrush, or be impatient like me and peel it off and slap on a new piece.

  • Precise Fit - Each Grip is CNC cut

  • Conformal - Stretches to fit - no bubbles or bulges

  • Non-permanent and inexpensive to replace (There's no need to become emotionally attached to your grip tape)

  • Designed to fit stock SVI/STI widebody grips (will also fit most modified SVI/STI grips, such as Roupe grips with little to no modification)

  • Just the right grit - sticky enough to give traction but smooth enough to allow you to shift your grip

  • Rapid installation and changeout -
    Put a fresh grip on your gun in two minutes.

  • Skin friendy - unlike coarser tapes

  • No need to sand the checkering off your grip to get the tape to adhere

  • Does not constantly shed grit like cheap "skateboard" tape

  • Our Guarantee: If you're not happy, we're not happy.