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TruGrip ...
for Sig
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    The Lowdown
At Last, TruGrip for Sig
  • Precise Fit - Each Grip is CNC cut

  • Conformal - Stretches to fit

  • Three-piece grip for 360 degrees of coverage.
  • Grip screws remain fully accessible. Grips can be removed from pistol without damaging or removing grip tape.

  • Non-permanent and inexpensive to replace (There's no need to become emotionally attached to your grip tape)

  • Designed to fit factory Sig plastic stocks.

  • Just the right grit - sticky enough to give traction but smooth enough to allow you to shift your grip

  • Well-suited for Competition use, Law Enforcement duty use, or Military.

  • Fairly rapid installation and changeout -
    Put a fresh grip on your Sig in minutes.

  • Skin friendy - unlike coarser tapes

  • No need to sand the texture off your grip to get the tape to adhere

  • Does not constantly shed grit like cheap "skateboard" tape

  • Our Guarantee: If you're not happy, we're not happy.


  Based on popular demand, TruGrip is now available for Sig 226 and 229 frame sizes.

The Sig pistols are, arguably, the most accurate mass-production pistols out of the box. That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that the grips are pretty large for those of us with medium to small hands. Once again, grip juju comes to the rescue. TruGrip, by increasing the friction between the user and the firearm, adds a great degree of control, in what otherwise can
be a very squirmy pistol for some users.

Zuzu, ever the utilitarian canine, designed TruGrip for the Sig for maximum performance and longevity, not necessarily to win any beauty pagents. The upper rear corners of the grips are *not* covered with grip tape for the simple reason that that particular area is vulnerable to peeling. Most of the requests for Sig grips have been from LE and government agencies, so we expect that the pistols will be used hard, rather than spend thier lives wasting away in a display case.

Like the Glock grips, TruGrip for the Sig leaves the pistol serviceable in that the grip (Sig calls them "stocks") screws are accessible for detail stripping and cleaning.